About Me

Hello, My name is Collins and I am glad you visited my site today. I hope you enjoy yourself here while browsing through the content in my blog.

I love learning about new stuff, exploring the internet, and a everyday Google searcher(😂lol).

Why this blog and what to expect

About some months ago, I’ve been taking different courses online, but I do forget stuff I learned easily.

So I came up with the idea of blogging while learning, what I did was, anytime I learned about new stuffs so I blog about it to help me retain more and increase the chance of remembering at the same teaching people who are interested in learning the same things too.

I also have a section in my blog where I talked about the books I’ve read.

Reading books is fun and it also helps keep me motivated, so I also share and summarize books I found engaging.

what to expect

Although this blog was meant to be mainly focused on Programming and Computer science stuff but I have add a pieces of stuff like Books and personal thoughts and opinion in the long run.

So expect the Coding/Programming class summary, Interesting Books, and my personal thought…Thanks for your time.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your time exploring my limited content… cheers